May 18, 2006

Looking for Inspirations?

I am a big fan of the Japanese. I have travelled to Tokyo 6 times in the past several years and each time I still feel as excited as the first. In Japan, you are constantly surrounded by eye candy everywhere you go. A simple trip to the supermarket can be jaw dropping as you admire a perfectly packaged group of peaches only to put it back when you see the price tag. Somehow, it's hard to justify spending $20 on a peach, even though it promises to be perfectly riped and delicious. But who says you can't look?

With their attention to detail and their amazing ability to take an ordinary object and transforming it into a work of art, it's hard not to break your bank account when you are in Japan. I once bought a small bag of marshmellows for USD $10 because of its packaging. I admire how much emphasis the Japanese places on appearances. Nearly every person you see on the street, regardless of age, is dressed elegantly and with style. Needless to say, they carry the same level of delicacy in their wedding details. Every element of the wedding is carefully designed and executed to perfection, which is why I love pouring over the Japanese wedding magazines. I can't understand the content in Japanese, but the pictures alone are worth the $20 price tag. The popular titles are Nonno Wedding, Graceful Wedding, and my all time favorite 25ans. You can find these at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco Japantown and Saratoga Avenue in San Jose.

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