May 27, 2016


Earlier this month, we were invited to the Vera Wang salon in San Francisco for a sneak preview of their 2017 spring collection. It was a fine evening of champagne, hors d'oeurves, and Vera's stunning collection of dresses...

Thanks for all the eye candy Vera Wang! Can't wait to see some of our brides in these beautiful gowns!


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May 25, 2016


Wedding season is officially here, and many of you may be receiving wedding invitations in the mail for the summer and fall weddings coming up. Do you have any idea what to wear yet? It's not easy shopping for wedding attire as a guest, especially when there are multiple weddings to attend! 

There are a number of things to consider as you shop for that perfect outfit:

- What is the dress code of the event? Most wedding invitations would have a note about the dress code. Is it formal? Black Tie? Black Tie Optional? Semi-Formal? Cocktail Attire? Picking something that fits the formality of event is really important. You don't want to show up in a floor length ballgown to a casual backyard wedding. 

- Where is the event being held? Picking an outfit for a wedding on the beach would be very different than one that's being held at a museum. 

- What season will the wedding be in? Choosing fabric that is in line with the season and temperature of the wedding is highly recommended. Chiffon, and other light fabric, works really well for springs and summer weddings while heavier fabric like tweed or leather would be more appropriate for winter months. 

- Is there a specific color for the dress code? Some couples like the idea of having an all-white wedding, in which case, you should respect that and pick something in the white family! Otherwise, it is considered quite taboo to show up in a white dress to someone else's wedding.

Our friends at The Black Tux have put together a really helpful style guide to help you shop for the right attire for each wedding, and we're so happy to be able to share it here for our readers!

For the gentlemen that are interested in suit or tux rentals, The Black Tux has some nice options too! You can check them out here.

Happy shopping!

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May 20, 2016


Choosing the right color(s) for your bridesmaid dresses is such a personal decision, but also an important one for the overall wedding. You want to pick colors and fabric that will go well with the formality of the wedding, the setting that you will be in, and the wedding design direction you have chosen. Other considerations include the season and temperature, the comfort of your bridesmaids, and costs. 

Blush, mint, and neutrals are colors we see a lot for the spring and summer months, while navy blue and wine colored dresses are more popular for the fall and winter. However, black has become more popular for all seasons and we're definitely loving it over here as well! Here are a few from our recent weddings:

Photo by Augie Chang Photography
Photo by Milou & Olin
Even our bride changed to a black Alexander McQueen dress in the evening! Photo by Augie Chang Photography
We recently came across the beautiful collection of dresses at Reformation, an L.A. based company that supports sustainability without compromising fashion and style. They carry a number of black dresses that would be gorgeous as bridesmaid dresses! Ofcourse, don't limit yourself many of Reformation's dresses could be great options for wedding guests, and even the bride herself! 

Happy shopping everyone!


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May 18, 2016


Some of our clients come to us with a very specific vision for their wedding. Some have absolutely no idea what they want in terms of design, and some have wayyy too many ideas (thanks to Pinterest) that are all over the place. If you fall into any of these categories, that's okay! Know that most couples are likely in the same boat as you are, and part of the process in the beginning of the wedding planning is to filter and curate through all the different ideas to hone in on a design direction that truly speaks to you! 

When we kick start the wedding planning process with our clients, we always start off with an extensive Design Questionnaire. It's a series of questions that encourages you to think through some of the bigger wedding questions. It's also a way for our team to get to know you and your relationship on a deeper level. Some of these questions could be:

What are you known for as a couple?
What are your favorite brands and what do you like about them?
Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
How would you describe the mood of your dream wedding?

....and so on. After reviewing all of your answers, and taking the time to go through every pin on your Pinterest boards, we would present a Design Summary with a mood board that portrays that look and feel of your wedding. Below, you'll see one that we did for a wedding at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco, where we described the wedding style as clean, modern, sleek, streamlined, structural, refined and polished. We went for a color palette of black, pearl white, champagne and blush, with accents of metallic gold.

We love dreaming up great ideas and beautiful details with our clients, but what we also happen to thrive on is the work that is required to bring all of those ideas to reality! This includes finding vendors that are the best fit to produce the results that we want, working out the logistics on the backend to ensure the ideas can truly execute well, and a lot of other "behind the scenes" production work that is absolutely critical. Although such detail-oriented work may not feel fun to most people, our team truly finds it as one of the most rewarding parts of what we do! 

Here's a collage to show how we brought the above mood board to life at the Bently Reserve! 

Photos by Milou and Olin Photography


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May 9, 2016


I've always loved attending weddings as a guest. Not only is it wonderful to celebrate the union of people you care about, but it often is a fun reunion of some sort. I get to spend time with family or friends or former colleagues or college buddies whom I may not get to see regularly outside of Facebook.

Many years ago, my husband and I were invited to a wedding of an acquaintance. To be quite honest, we were both shocked and a little confused when we received the invite, as we couldn't even remember the last time we spoke with the couple. Still, we appreciated that they invited us and decided to accept the invitation.

We saw many friends at the wedding whom we did know very well, and enjoyed catching up with everyone during the cocktail hour. However, when it came time for dinner and we got to the table we were assigned to, we were disappointed to see that none of our friends were in close proximity to us. We were assigned to a table with 8 teenagers, and they were completely glued to their iphones the entire time. They showed no interest in carrying on any type of conversation even though I did make an effort to try. Though my husband and I kept each other company during the course of the 2 hour dinner, I realized how disappointing it can feel as guest when you are assigned to a table that does not offer good company and conversation. It can be downright miserable, especially as you see and hear the loud laughter coming from all the other tables.

So, as you prepare to work on your seating assignments for the wedding, here are our top 5 tips for you:

1. Assign everyone to a seat, not just a table. This gives you full control over the guest seating, which is a great thing because you know each of your guest best!

2. You don't necessarily need to seat everyone next to their best friend, but rather, think about whom each person would enjoy conversing with. If you seat two incredibly shy, reserved guests together who shares no common topic, it could be pretty boring for them both.

3. Provide some ice breakers for your guests! For example, you can name your tables instead of numbering them and behind the table name card, you can include a short story on the significance of the name. If you named the table Amsterdam, tell guests why this place is significant to your relationship. If you are incorporating a special family recipe into the menu, note that on the printed menus so guests at the table have something to talk about to break the ice!

4. Long tables and square tables are best for conversations. At a 48" square table, you can pretty much converse with every person at the table. At a long table, you can easily converse with at least 5 other people around you. If you decide to do rounds (least desirable for conversations), your venue or caterer will most likely suggest a 60" or a 72". We definitely recommend going with the 60", which would allow guests to easily converse with at least 3-4 people around them. In our opinion, a 72" simply feels way too big and does not encourage the intimacy most couples would want for their wedding.

5. Consider putting young kids in a separate room where they can be free to be kids. It's very hard for young kids to sit still for a 2 hour dinner, and it can be a pressure for parents to try to enforce that at a wedding in order to be polite and respectful. Ask your wedding venue if they can provide a separate room close by where you can hire professional babysitters from a licensed childcare service to watch them. These licensed childcare services that cater to events will often send sitters fully equipped with books, art and craft projects, and other things to entertain the children. This allow the kids to run around and do what they like, while their parents can also enjoy a lovely dinner with uninterrupted conversations.

Photo by Kevin Chin Photography 
Photo by Kevin Chin Photography
Photo by Beaux Arts
Photo by Viv Chen Photography

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March 21, 2016


Lucy and Ben's Wedding at the Cornerstone Sonoma was beautiful and special in so many ways. From their garden ceremony to their tented reception to their dragon and phoenix wedding cake, every detail was planned to reflect their personalities and style. Here is the touching video highlight from their cinematographer Kevin Chin!

Cornerstone Wedding, Napa, Lucy + Ben from Kevin Chin Photography + Cinema on Vimeo.

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January 8, 2016


I would say that more than half of our weddings are destination weddings, many of which are in San Francisco. Between our beautiful city and nearby gems like Napa Valley and Carmel Valley, the Bay Area attracts couples from all over the world as a popular destination for weddings.

Our lovely couple from Texas, Mary-Alex and Thomas, visited San Francisco a few years ago and fell head over heels in love with the city. They knew then, that if they were to get married one day, it could only be in San Francisco.

Fast forward to 2015 and their dream came true. With all 120 friends and families from different parts of the country, they united in this magical city by the bay to celebrate their union.

The wedding day began at the historical Mark Hopkins, perched atop picturesque Nob Hill. With 12 bridesmaids and 2 moms to keep her company, Mary-Alex's bridal prep in the morning was filled with laughter and champagne--a great combination! Thomas' suite was bustling with people as well, and a million dollar view of the city!

Their first look took place right outside the hotel, and to add to the sentiment, they decided to exchange gifts to one another as well. 

While their bridal party of 24 hung out in their hotel suite, their photographer took them around the city in a cable car trolley for some iconic shots. They then reunited with everyone and headed to the De Young Museum for more photos before the ceremony began in the late afternoon.

The ceremony took place in the Sculpture Garden, and despite the chilly weather that day, everyone was in good spirits as they witnessed Mary-Alex and Thomas being joined together as one. 

Cocktail hour was held in the Hamon Tower, with a 360 degree view of San Francisco. As you can imagine, guests were incredibly fulfilled up there, between admiring the view and indulging in delicacies by Componere Fine Catering! 

During the planning, both Mary-Alex and Thomas expressed that they weren't very fond of the traditional seated dinner, despite its formality for a wedding. They much preferred having guests eat, mingle, and dance simultaneously throughout the evening so that it felt like one great party. We worked closely with Componere Fine Catering to develop food stations that would be interesting, filling, and easy to move around with. We also provided a mix of tables/chairs, furniture vignettes, and cocktail tables for those who did desire a "home base" while they ate. It all worked out beautifully. The elderlies appreciated the seating available, and the younger crowd loved not being confined to a seat for 2 hours. Just as our couple envisioned, people ate, chatted, danced, and ate some more. It was truly one awesome party! 

Thank you, Mary-Alex and Thomas, for entrusting us with your wedding from the start, and thank you to our all star team for working so hard to make it spectacular! 

Event Design, Planning + Production: Jubilee Lau Events
Venue: De Young Museum
Caterer: Componere Fine Catering
Photographer: Augie Chang Photography
Floral Designer: Cherries
Custom Linens: Wildflower Linens
Furniture: Pleasanton Furniture
Wedding Cake + Groom's Cake: Jasmine Rae Cakes
Cable Car Trolley: Classic Cable Car
Vintage Rolls Royce: Nationwide Limousine Service
Makeup + Hair: JBeautique
Lighting + Draping: Enhanced Lighting
String Ensemble: Starlite Strings via Bay Music Entertainment
Live Band: Lucky Devils
Officiant: Reverend Charlies Regal

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