December 16, 2014


What a way to close out our year! One of our all time favorite weddings at the De Young Museum is featured in the newest issue of ELLE WEDDINGS in Hong Kong! As much as we love all the fabulous blogs out there, there is still a special place in our hearts for the beautiful print magazines that still exist. It is such an honor to be in a magazine like ELLE, and we know it wouldn't have been possible without an amazing team that worked tirelessly on this wedding. Congratulations to Wendy, Erwin, and everyone who took part in this! You can see more photos of Wendy and Erwin's modern wedding here.

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November 16, 2014


I'll be in Asia for the next few weeks! Follow my journey there from my Instagram account here. I promise not to flood your feeds with awesome food photos everyday. :) 

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October 27, 2014


Photo by Sarah Peet Photography

Family dynamics can play a tricky part in the wedding planning process, and we've got a few tips to help you handle this aspect as smoothly as possible!

1. Figure out early on who will foot which bills for the wedding. If you're keeping the American tradition of having the bride's parents' pay for the bulk of the wedding, you can expect that they'll want a say in a few (or all) matters. If that bothers you, be upfront on which parts you want full control over, even if it means you may need to take on the expenses for those specific items. Don't get entangled into a web of animosity by failing to set clear expectations at the very beginning of the planning.

2. Communication is key! We've seen families tip toe around each other during the planning, for fear of offending one another with their ideas or expectations. In the end, there is always a lot of disappointment, stress, and anxiety. We encourage our clients to communicate with their families during the progress of the planning, so if issues come up, they do so prior to the wedding day. There have been countless times when parents come up to our team on the wedding day, asking (or demanding) why a particular family member is not on the family portrait list, or not assigned to the reserved seats at the ceremony. By then, it's an awkward situation for everyone involved, so please do make the effort to communicate with your families during the planning.

3. A marriage really is the blending of two families, not just two people. The celebration becomes much more meaningful when the families are equally as excited to become one. We recommend planning a few pre-wedding events for the immediate families to come together, allowing them opportunities to get to know one another better before the wedding. Believe it or not, we've had a few weddings where the parents meet for the very first time at the wedding rehearsal, and the awkward vibe tends to trickle down to everyone else.

4. Assigning specific roles or tasks can help family members feel included and valued. It also gives them a focus, which can be helpful in honing their involvement to just one or two areas of the wedding. Some special roles/tasks can include being a reader and finding an appropriate piece for the reading, or hand crafting something small, but significant, for the wedding such as a ring bearer pillow.

5. Be sensitive to family dynamics that may be awkward, or family members that may not be on great terms. Divorces, separations, and other circumstances can often result in bitterness and resentment amongst the people involved. Try to be sensitive to that by seating these people further apart, and limiting their interactions with one another on the wedding day. A negative attitude of "they'll just have to deal with it. It's my day" will only result in unnecessary drama on the wedding day! 

Last, but not least, showing love and appreciation will always go a long way. Keep perspective, and trust that your families really do want you to be happy. Sometimes, we get swept into the details of such monumental occasions and forget the reasons for celebrating in the first place. Remember that it's a joyous occasion and everyone is there to love and support you! 

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October 24, 2014


Our first meeting was at a gourmet pizza parlor in Berkeley where we chatted for hours over burrata cheese, beer, and delicious pizza. I remember leaving the meeting feeling like we just hung out with some cool friends. That meeting was certainly indicative of the type of clients Kai and Alisha would be for us---trusting, laid back, and just all around awesome.

Indeed, we had a blast working with this fun couple. They picked the Foreign Cinema as their wedding venue, and it was perfect for them. The vibe, the decor, the was all so fitting for their personalities!

Guests first witnessed their sentimental ceremony in the courtyard, where Kai and Alisha's good friend sang "I Choose You" to celebrate their matrimony. Then, everyone moved into the art gallery for cocktail hour before re-entering the courtyard for lovely al fresco dinner underneath strings of Italian lights, with their favorite movie playing in the background.

There really are no boundaries when it comes to love, and this wedding was a reminder that all love is worth celebrating.

Event Planning + Production: Jubilee Lau Events
Venue: Foreign Cinema
Photography: Jerry Yoon Photography
Floral Design: Natalie Bowen
Makeup + Hair: Katie Nash
DJ: Jason Mitchell of Gatsby Entertainment
Lighting: Enhanced Lighting
Furniture Rental: Blueprint Studio
Table Runners: La Tavola Linens

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October 22, 2014


I'm in love with the city that I grew up in. San Francisco truly is one of my favorite places! Despite having traveled to many different parts of the world, I'm always happy to come back and call San Francisco home. So, when I saw these beautiful engagement photos of my clients in one of the prettiest neighborhoods (Potrero Hill) in San Francisco, I swooned...

Photos by Augie Chang | Makeup + Hair by JBeautique

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October 20, 2014


Back in March, Emily and Howard exchanged their vows right out of the backyard in their Los Altos home, in front of a handful of close friends and families. It was their intention to keep the ceremony small and private, while the reception would be one awesome party with all of their friends and families. They definitely achieved both!

We brought in Paula Le Duc Fine Catering to design a culturally diverse menu. To create a more relaxed and fun party, Emily and Howard steered away from a formal seated dinner and opted for food stations instead. There was a taco, poke, and spam musubi station, an Indian station, a modern dim sum cart that rolled around as you'd see at a Chinese restaurant, a sweets station, and even a sake station! Guests got to move around and mingle while indulging in the delicious food, while the groovy music of a jazz band played in the background.

We definitely had a party crowd at this wedding, and after 10pm, guests rocked away to the tunes played by DJ Chris the Rebel!

Event Planning + Production: Jubilee Lau Events
Venue: Asian Art Museum
Catering: Paula Le Duc Fine Catering
Photography: Anna Kuperberg Photography
Floral Design: Nicole Reyes
Lighting + Draping: Got Light
Band: Kally Price
DJ: Chris the Rebel

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October 18, 2014


Some people are just destined to be together. Aurora and Conroy were one of those couples. You meet them, and you are instantly swept away by their sweet, genuine relationship. Their love for each other is so pure, and so real that you just know they belong together. 

Aurora is one of the sweetest and kindest person you'll ever meet. An artist, and a free-spirited girl at heart, she has always wanted an intimate beachside wedding. Their large guest list, and logistical considerations, had them change that vision to a city ballroom wedding instead. Conroy, being the romantic fiancĂ© that he was, still wanted to make Aurora's dream come true, and so they flew to Maui and had their private ceremony right on the beach! 

Their wedding in San Francisco was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, right in the heart of downtown. We transformed all the event spaces to a blank canvas by piping and draping all the walls, allowing us to design the luxe and romantic wedding that Aurora asked for. Since Aurora is an artist, and Conroy an art collector, we created 2 art galleries at the Four Seasons. One featured Conroy's favorite art collections while the other featured Aurora's amazing pieces. It was the perfect way to incorporate their passion for art at their wedding.

There were 265 guests at the wedding, but we were still able to create a warm, inviting, and intimate ambiance inside the ballroom, with lots and lots of candles, orchids and special lighting. Two orchid filled manzanita branches flanked the altar area, where Aurora and Conroy exchanged their meaningful vows that they wrote to one another. Aurora changed from the Jin Wang gown that she wore in the bridal party photo session to another stunning gown, by Vera Wang, as she processed down the aisle with both her beloved parents.

In a little over one hour, while guests were drinking and eating in merriment at the cocktail hour, our amazing team of vendors came together to flip the ballroom from ceremony to dinner + dancing. It was definitely an adrenaline-filled hour as everyone moved swiftly throughout the ballroom to work around one another. 

The rock star team that produced this extraordinary wedding:

Event Planning + Production: Jubilee Lau Events
Event Design: Gloria Wong Design (White Label)
Venue + Catering: Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco
Photography: Rylee Hitchner Photography
Cinematography: Justin Fone 
Floral Design: Hunt Littlefield for White Label
Lighting + Draping: Enhanced Lighting
Cake: Jasmine Rae
DJ: Kevin of Elite Entertainment
Linens: La Tavola
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Vintage Sofa: One True Love
Stationery: Good on Paper for White Label
Makeup + Hair: Bellamina Makeup
Transportation: Classic Cable Car

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