August 17, 2016

Wedding Planning Q & A with Borrowed and Blue

We recently teamed up with Borrowed and Blue, a locally-focused online wedding resource, to give couples some insight into our perspective on wedding planning.

Here’s our Q&A with Borrowed and Blue. All questions by B&B, all answers by Jubilee of Jubilee Lau Events:

  1. If you could possibly narrow it down, what would be your favorite moment of a wedding day?

It would be the moment before the bride walks down the aisle. I love positioning her in place, fluffing her train, and giving her final words of encouragement right before sending her down the aisle.

Photo by Gary Ashley of The Wedding Collective
  1. Describe your event aesthetic in three words.

Refined, sophisticated elegance

Photo by Kevin Chin Photography

  1. The first thing you ask when you sit down with a couple?

Where are you from? I love hearing about people’s history!

Photo by Augie Chang

  1. Top three pieces of advice for couples who just got engaged?
Hire a planner so you can enjoy the process.

Choose bridesmaids/groomsmen that will help alleviate (not add to) your stress on the wedding day.

Be true to who you are when planning the details of your wedding, even if that means tossing out certain traditions or rejecting your best friend’s ideas.

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

  1. Most important detail of wedding decor?

Lighting! Truly, lighting makes a tremendous impact on the overall event design. Not only does it create the mood that you want, but it highlights all the beautiful elements of your design and hides the areas that you don’t want to show. If you despise the carpet at your venue, but don’t have the budget to re-carpet the entire space, lighting can do miracles to hide it.
Photo by Augie Chang
Photo by Rylee Hitchner
Photo by Chung Li

  1. Your thoughts on DIY weddings?

Be very selective on what you decide to DIY, because some things are just meant to be produced by the pros! Pick the smaller projects, like wedding favors, for your DIY project. That way, you won’t be spending an overwhelming amount of time on it and if it doesn’t go as well as you planned, the impact on the overall wedding would be minimal.

  1. What would your ideal tablescape look like?

I love a simple, elegant table and I’m bias to long tables as they always look better in photos and on a practical level, long tables allow guests to converse with more people at the table. My ideal tablescape would have simple low floral arrangements flanked by taper candles. Lots of candles! I tend to like solid, neutral colored linens in fabric like dupionique or shantung.

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz
  1. Your favorite of all the San Francisco wedding venues?
Asian Art Museum! It’s so rich in its history (Samsung Hall used to be the old card catalogue room of the S.F. Public Library!) and the architecture is stunning. It’s marble interior makes for a very neutral setting for any design!

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz

  1. The most important part of wedding planning?
When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to be made collectively as a couple, or as a family, and the process can be stressful at times when there are challenging family dynamics involved. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, which is the love and happiness behind this celebration that you are planning. It is truly a celebration, and a rare occasion where all your loved ones will travel far and near to be in one place for you. Don’t lose the broader perspective by being fixated on the little details!

Photo by Gary Ashley of The Wedding Collective

  1. Describe your dream wedding.

My dream wedding would be to have my closest family and friends on a remote island with us, celebrating for several days. People are so much more fun and relaxed when they’re on vacation, so I would want our guests to make a vacation out of our wedding! Every detail would be well thought out to ensure they feel pampered and taken care of, from the welcome amenities that will be waiting for them in their rooms upon arrival to the facial masks that will be sitting on their pillows after a day in the sun, to all the other little surprises that I would plan for them throughout their stay. It would be a weekend full of festivities to give us plenty of quality time with our guests!

Photo by Jeanne Chan 

All photos above are weddings/events by Jubilee Lau Events. Thanks again to Borrowed & Blue for the Q&A!


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