December 16, 2016

How to Help Aleppo

From the Instagram of @everlaser

Christmas is just a week away. Living in America, and particularly in Silicon Valley, we are often living in our own bubble. While we may be aware of the war and suffering in other parts of the world, those problems often feel too far and out of reach for us to do anything. We read about it on our Facebook feed, we feel compassionate towards the situation, and then we move on with our own lives again. But we are not completely helpless. There are things that we can do, money we can contribute, that will truly help the people in Aleppo. Please don't turn a blind eye to a war of this magnitude! The children in Aleppo needs us to take action for them. Below are links to ways you can donate, where 100% of the proceeds will benefit the victims in Aleppo:

Purchase a beautiful laser engraved ornament from Ever Laser (as pictured above)

White Helmets

Doctors Without Borders

If you are planning your wedding and thinking about potential registries, consider The Good Beginning, where you can specify the charities you most care about and have your guests donate to them in lieu of physical wedding gifts.

May all of us find joy during this holiday season by giving!

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