August 15, 2006

An Amazing Designer

Anyone who has flipped through a recent wedding magazine will not find the name Nancy Liu Chin unfamiliar. Her creativity has been featured in numerous magazines from Martha Stewart Weddings to Modern Bride to local publications such as San Francisco Magazine and 7 x 7. I am so honored to have had the pleasure of working with Nancy on numerous weddings these past two years. Through work, we have bonded greatly and established a wonderful friendship. This girl never ceases to amaze me everytime I see her. She has more energy than a classroom full of young children put together! Nancy has inspired me tremendously. She constantly encourages people around her to think outside of the box, to see things differently. She seems to have endless brilliant ideas!

Ask anyone in the wedding industry if they know Nancy Liu Chin and you will likely get the following response: "I LOVE Nancy! I love her energy, her bubbly personality and her amazing creativity!" That's right, Nance (as she likes to be called) is much loved and respected by all of her peers in the industry. She has really risen the bar for everybody, yet she remains a fun, friendly and easygoing friend to all of us.

When I bring clients to meet with Nancy for the first time at her studio in San Francisco, they always fall in love with her and her designs immediately. All you have to do is to spend a few minutes telling her your wedding colors and your visions and she takes it to a whole new level! Her excitement sometimes even exceeds the bride's, and is highly contagious. Next thing you know, we will all be jumping up and down in excitement going over all sorts of different fun ideas for the wedding. If something doesn't look right, Nancy is the first to speak up and is never afraid to express her honesty.

On the wedding day, Nancy's flowers are always the freshest and though I know she doesn't like to use the word "perfect" to describe flowers, it's as close to perfect as you will find! She is not one to be frugal with the amount of flowers that she puts into the bouquets and arrangements and is always on site to make sure everything looks exceptional. I have seen endless brides shed tears of joy when they see their bouquet by Nancy for the very first time!

Nancy is truly a gift to all the brides out there, and to everyone in the wedding industry! You can find her at

*Pictures above are by Wendy Maclaurin Richardson

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