July 16, 2008

It Takes a Village

Most couples will never know what went on behind the scenes in preparation for their wedding day. The fact of the matter is, you shouldn't have to know! You should only enjoy the end result--which hopefully is a fun, smooth, and happy day.

However, for those that are curious, I thought I'd blog about the production process of a wedding. Ofcourse, the level of complexity is dependent on a lot of factors--how difficult the load-in process is at your venue, how much time there is to set up, how many vendors are involved, etc. What doesn't change for my team and I though, is that no matter how simple or complicated the set up is, we take it seriously and work hard to do the best job for our clients.

A lot of times, it does take a village to produce a beautiful, seamless wedding. For a recent June wedding that I had at the Kohl Mansion, we began set-up on Friday morning even though the wedding was on Sunday. A tent was involved for that particular wedding, so that always takes more time and labor. We were dealing with some unpredictable factors--gusts of wind at 40mph(!) but we pulled through. From the structure of the tent, to the lighting inside, to the fabric lining, to the furniture, to the tabletop items....it took a whole lot of manpower to bring all the elements together.

Ofcourse, this is the part of my job that I love most! And that is the part that you must love the most about having a professional, experienced, and competent Wedding Coordinator!

I won't bore you with the technicalities of the setup, but I want to acknowledge the wonderful, dependable team of vendors who worked so hard for the clients and I that weekend. I shouldn't single out this particular event, because this group of vendors have worked on many, many other events for me and have always been amazing!

Componere Fine Catering (all food and beverages)
Enhanced Lighting (all lighting and draping)
Carl Mindling Music (DJ music and Master of Ceremonies)
Stuart Party Rentals (tenting and heating)
Classic Party Rentals (furniture and tabletops)
Napa Valley Linens (dinner table linens)
Nancy Liu Chin Designs (all floral and decor)
Rudolfi Artists in Music (brass quintet and harpist)
Cakework (wedding cake)
Todd Rafalovich (photographs)
Pure Luxury Transportation (all shuttle buses)

You must wonder why I am not posting the photographs of the final result for this fantastic wedding. Well, stay tuned! I will be posting that soon!

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