July 24, 2008

Style Your Dream Wedding

I had the most fun last night meeting lifestyle expert Susie Coelho at a dinner hosted by the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco. The dinner was in the Presidential Suite, and there were a total of 17 Event Planners. What an honor to be amongst the finest in the Bay Area. More about this dinner in another post when Kevin Chin sends me the fabulous photos. I'm just excited to share with all of you the new book that Susie came out with recently, call Style Your Dream Wedding. Her book includes tons of beautiful pictures, and she helps brides find their particular style for their wedding, whether it be contemporary or classic or garden or beach.

I was very happy to see one of my weddings included in the book. The photograph was taken by Kevin Chin, and it was a wedding that I had done two years ago at San Francisco City Hall. I am posting the picture here for all to see, but I highly recommend getting Susie's book to enjoy ALL the beautiful pictures and valuable information!

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    That's so exciting to have one of your weddings featured in a book. And not just any book. You rock... you totally rock!


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