September 19, 2008

Let's Play Dress Up!

I recently toured the brand new showroom of La Tavola Linen and it was like walking into a candy shop--that is, a candy shop for Event Designers!

I love many aspects of my job, but I have to admit that I have the most fun dressing up tables with my clients!

It really is like playing dress up. We take a plain table (round, square, oval, whatever the client likes) and start putting the layers on! We start with the linen, then (sometimes) an overlay, then the charger, and sometimes another plate on top of that.....then we add on the napkin, the flatware, the stemware, the bread and butter plate, the coffee cup and saucer, the table name cards, and on and on and on until we have an absolutely stunning and beautiful tabletop!

La Tavola offers the space and resources for Event Designers and clients to dress tables up until they have the perfect tabletop for their unique event. Linens of many different colors, textures, and fabric fill their showroom, all perfectly pressed and ready for you to transform a plain table to a table filled with personality and divine details.

Ready to be inspired? Call them to set up an appointment at their South San Francisco or Napa Valley showroom.

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