October 13, 2008


My good friend and colleague Jewel Savadelis blog tagged me, and tells me that it's like the children's game of tag where someone says "Tag, You're It!" and you have to do a blog posting on the topics below:

What I Did Today
1. Met a lovely couple who just got engaged and is looking to hire a Wedding Coordinator
2. Drove up to San Francisco together with my good friend Jean Marks
3. Competed in a 'Haunted Gingerbread House' competition hosted by Executive Chefs
4. Drew turtles and dogs with my daughter Bridgette

To-Do List
1. Take a vacation to the Maldives
2. Get a facial
3. Start an exercise routine
4. Take Bridgette to Knotts Berry Farm

Guilty Pleasures
1. Banana Split at Baskin Robbins
2. Omakase at Sushi Sam
3. Papijump game on my iphone
4. Lipstick Jungle

Random Facts About Me
1. I lived in Nampa, Idaho during my elementary school years
2. My first pet was a guinea pig named Sunshine
3. Issey Miyake perfume makes me sneeze
4. My favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty

I am now tagging:

Jean Marks
Augie Chang
Geoff White
Nancy Liu Chin


  1. I always wanted a guinea pig!
    SO BAD!!!!!
    I never got one though! boo hooo!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    eh. cognitively thread :)