January 19, 2009

I'm Certified!

Anyone who has planned a wedding in California will surely have heard of Here Comes the Guide. They are an incredible resource for venues, with detailed descriptions, photos, and even virtual tours. So many brides depend on them to find their perfect venue, so it's only natural that they utilize this trusting resource for other Event Professionals as well! I was honored to be invited to be a part of this reputable website. What astonished me was that they asked for 25 professional references, and 10 client references from the past 2 years....and they called every single one of them! That impressed me sooooo much, because it shows that they truly care who they affiliate themselves with. It's also reassuring for brides and grooms, to know that a very thorough background check was conducted for each of these Event Professionals.

I'm pretty bad at tooting my own horn, even though I recently read a book about it that is suppose to make me better at it. So, I was thrilled that HCTG quoted 'straight from the horses' mouths' and I really was blushing when I read it:

About This Company

Hiring Jubilee was the best investment we made for our whole wedding. Because of her, I was able to enjoy the day without having to worry about anything.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best wedding coordinators in the industry and I would say that Jubilee is on the top of that list. She is just TOP-NOTCH!”

“She is exactly what you need in a coordinator—warm, caring, thoughtful, creative, organized and calm.”

“Impeccable taste.”

“Jubilee was beyond fabulous. She was incredibly patient and so organized. Any bride would be lucky to have her!”

“We had a jam-packed schedule of events and it went off, to the minute of the schedule, thanks to Jubilee’s flawless execution. Our wedding truly did feel flawless. Her expertise was a great asset.”

“On our wedding day I watched Jubilee deal with all the little emergencies that come up for any wedding and she just remained calm. By keeping calm, she kept us all calm, allowing us to thoroughly enjoy our day.”


Okay, I admit....I was trying to guess who said what but at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter. I just feel so extremely honored that my peers and clients would have so many nice things to say about me. I am truly blessed to be doing something that I love!

Check out my new HCTG page!


  1. Jubilee...You are amazing! I love working with you and couldn't say enough fabulous things about you!!!


  2. The honor of being included in a highly respected publication like HCTG is hard-earned and very well deserved. Congratulations Jubilee.