January 22, 2009

Please Don't Steal My Cake Topper!

Does the title seem silly to you? Well, believe it or not, there are cake topper thieves out there! I know what you are thinking. Who would ever steal at a wedding, and if they were to steal, why a CAKE TOPPER of all things?

That's because you have not seen Stacie Tamaki's amazing custom cake toppers, hand made with beads. They are truly works of art, and can be customized to fit any color palette and any theme. My favorite one is the pair of shrimps that she made for her own wedding in 2007 which you see here on the left. It was a perfect reflection of her husband John's love for shrimp cocktail!

Back to the topic of cake topper thieves. Several years ago, I asked Stacie to create a sample of a daisy cake topper for one of my clients. She brought it with her to an event that we both attended. It was a very small, intimate event and when she brought the cake topper out to show me, people around the table were ooohing and ahhing nonstop. Everyone wanted to see this beautiful piece and it was circulated for a few minutes. Next thing we knew, it was gone! Poof! Vanished! We searched everywhere, even under the tables (!!) for it, and it was nowhere to be found. We made all the excuses in the world to make this odd incident seem unsuspicious....and decided to put it behind us.

Months went by, and Stacie created a really cute, whimsical daisy cake topper for my client. It was one of the show pieces of the wedding reception and all the guests were commenting that they had never seen such a unique cake topper. Well, what do you think happened at the end of the evening when we tried to find the cake topper to box back up for the bride?

The cake topper was never seen again.....

You may think this particular daisy cake topper was jinxed, but that wasn't the case...because the same thing happened to another bride who displayed one of Stacie's cake toppers on her wedding cake just months later!

I know exactly why this happened. Stacie's cake toppers are just too hard to resist! You can bring it home and convert it to a desk ornament or photo holder. It's so pretty to look at. Heck, you should order one even if you're not planning a wedding!


  1. LOL Jubilee! I was so surprised to see the title of this post in my RSS reader.

    Did I tell you another topper went missing last year? Crazy! This one was not a monogram but an entire last name!

    Since the first topper that went missing at your client's wedding I've made sure to photograph each topper before I send it on it's way. This way when they do go missing and the bride contacts me to order a replacement I can make one identical to the first in every way.


  2. Cake Topper Stealers Beware! Great post Jubilee ;-)

  3. Wow!!!! That's really amazed me a lot how it is possible?? I should have taken care about cake topper stealer when I'll get wed.
    Thanks for the info.

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