March 6, 2009

Lovely Things: Beautiful China

I have decided to start a new label of 'lovely things' on my blog, because I come across so many great things on a daily basis, so I want to share it with all my readers as eye candy and inspiration. Here's my first one!

There's nothing more I love than to be seated at a table with lovely place settings. Don't wait for special occasions to bring out your special china. Treat yourself well in your everyday life.

I found this photograph in one of my many Japanese magazines (which I love to pour over even though I don't understand a single text) and it reminded me of a really beautiful tea house that I once visited in Tokyo. It's so delicate, and girly--I love it!

My mom once gave me a set of really beautiful teacups when I first moved out, and I was shocked to know it was her wedding present from many, many years ago--still unused!! So, I vowed to make good use of it, and I have! I can't wait to pass it on to Bridgette, perhaps when she gets married?!

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