December 11, 2009

Cinderella Bride

I like to remember Toni as my Cinderella bride, because she was so fond of this fairytale. In fact, this fairytale was such a special part of her life that she decided to incorporate it into her wedding ceremony! I've done a lot of Cinderella themed weddings over the years, where brides entered in horse drawn carriages and flower girls carried wands down the aisle. However, Toni had a different idea on how she'd like to be a Cinderella bride. In lieu of a ring bearer, her son was invited to be the 'slipper bearer', and he carried a pillow that held a beautiful pair of shoes on them down the aisle. As soon as Toni made her way to the altar, she sat on an old vintage bench and had her groom slip the 'glass slippers' on her feet....just like Cinderella and her prince!

Photos by Kim Lemaire of Ensemble Productions Photography

1 comment:

  1. nice touch with the shoes on the pillow!