August 18, 2010

Sneak Preview: A Wedding at Bently Reserve

I love opening mail when it's from one of my favorite photographers, Lisa Lefkowitz, because I know beautiful images are awaiting inside. Today, I was ecstatic to see the gorgeous images from Helen and Hwa's wedding at the Bently Reserve! I wish I can share them here right now, but they're being submitted for publication in a magazine so I must wait. However, I am allowed to post a 'sneak preview'! I chose this one below because I wanted to show the stunning bridesmaids dresses that Helen chose. They are from Two Birds, and it's the same dress, wrapped differently to suit the different figures of each girl. There are actually 15 different ways to wrap, so the dress can be worn over and over again for different occasions--how brilliant!

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  1. Keep me posted in what magazine, we'll be happy to feature you on our site & social media if you'd like!