September 2, 2010

Is Event Planning An Art Or A Science?

Many people equate wedding planning to all the 'pretty things' they see at a wedding. Yes, the design and aesthetics can be a large part of what a wedding designer/planner does, but in order to make any design work functionally, it is also a science. Design and function go hand in hand, because function affects the overall guest experience. Have you ever been to an event where the decor blows you away, but you had to wait 15 minutes to get your drink at the bar, couldn't get your hands on any of those enticing hors d'oeurves, walked into a dead silent room, and had to use a magnifying glass to find your escort card? A good designer will design with guest experience in mind, and I learned quite a bit from Todd Fiscus of Todd Events in Dallas last month!

Video by Studio MSV for Wedding 360

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