March 16, 2012

Hands On Gourmet

As a planner, I get many chances to recommend service providers to my clients. It's a process of match-making that I love. I honestly don't expect to receive anything in return from my vendors, other than for them to do the best possible job for our mutual clients. It is humbling though, when they appreciate the hard work that planners put into a wedding. A few weeks ago, Gertrude and Mabel Photography decided to spruce up the fun factor while showing their appreciation for all the planners and designers that have supported their business through the years. They planned a hands-on dinner experience for us at Hands On Gourmet in the dogpatch district of San Francisco.

Below is a fabulous slideshow recapping the sensational time that we shared...

When you put groups of creative people together in the kitchen, along with unlimited libations, there are seriously no boundaries as to what they are capable of doing. I don't think I stopped laughing the entire time as I chopped, stirred, and showed off my mean culinary skills. After all the kitchen work, we got to sit down and enjoy the fruits of our successes, all while someone else cleaned the messes we left behind...

Thank you so much to Gertrude and Mabel Photography, Hands on Gourmet, and Mobile Libations for a fantastic evening. This would be a great place to host bridal showers, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, and team building events!

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