September 17, 2012

Tis the season to reorganize!

As our wedding season simmers down over here, I'm in my major re-org mode once again. This happens around the same time every year, when I slow down enough to spot all the de-cluttering that needs to be done, from my dropbox folders to my desk to the apps on my iPhone! I know, I secretly believe I have some type of OCD too when it comes to organization. I have this desperate, innate urge to be organized in every aspect of my life

I find it very inspiring to reorganize seasonally, but realistically, I do it once a year. I actually get giddy when I'm purging! I love tossing out the unused (or donating them), rediscovering treasures hidden forever in some box that I never opened, and having an excuse to buy a few new accessories to spruce things up.

I've been on pinterest over the weekend, admiring other people's beautiful office spaces and deciding how to redesign mine. I'm all about simplifying things these days, as I have this theory that the more surface area I have, the more clutter I will create.
Simplicity makes me happy, but this is probably not realistic with my line of work!

Neatness makes me happy too!

My job as a Wedding Planner requires me to be highly organized for my clients. There are gazillion of details in a wedding, and when you multiple that by 10 weddings, I need very organized and effective internal processes to keep track of everything in an efficient manner. I've tried so many tools out there, and right now, I'm mostly lovin' Dropbox, Podio, and Google Docs. I plan to stick to these until ofcourse, the next best thing comes along...

Currently on my iphone is a brand new app that I'm super excited about, which also happens to be the creation of my superbly talented sister Mimi. It's call Chimpped and it's an intuitive scheduling system that promises the convenience of making all my bookings in one place, with a few simple clicks. It's like OpenTable expanded to all other service providers, like hair salons, spas, yoga classes, children activities, etc. This means all your appointments can be easily booked, managed, modified, and tracked in one place...ONE PLACE! They created Chimpped for people like me, who is constantly looking for ways to simplify my life. I make appointments for myself, for my clients, for my husband, and for my daughter all the time, and now, I can do so in a more simple, streamlined manner. Thumbs up! If you're excited about Chimpped, you should sign up as a user today, and encourage the service providers that you use regularly to sign up as well, so that you can book your services through Chimpped. It's free for both users and service providers right now, so it's definitely worth a shot. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. :) 

Check out the Chimpped intro video below:

Love simplifying your life and staying organized? That's the motto of Chimpped. Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up with their exciting daily updates!

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