October 28, 2013

Expert Interviews: Mimi & Taylor

This week, we're thrilled to bring you the incredibly talented and pretty ladies from Mimi & Taylor as our beauty experts!

We've worked with Mimi & Taylor for over 8 years now, and they have performed their magic on so many of our bridal parties. Since a lot of our clients are from out of town, they often hire Mimi & Taylor without any makeup/hair trial, but that has never proved to be a problem because these amazing ladies are just so good at taking any face and enhancing it to its truest potential. 

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz

Jubilee: How would you differentiate wedding day makeup vs. makeup for other special occasions, like a fancy dinner or party?

M&T: Wedding makeup needs to be more refined and defined so it looks extra stunning during the wedding celebration and for camera/video. Because there will be close-up pictures and videos, we spend extra time on perfecting every little detail down to the lashes, blemishes, etc. We are very meticulous about making sure the skin looks flawless and glowing without looking too heavy or caked on. It's a tricky balance. And the other difference is using specific products that will be long wearing and hold-up though out the day.

Jubilee: Every one of your bride always looks stunningly beautiful, even at the end of the night, after wind, sweat, and exhaustion. Any secrets you can share with our readers?

M&T: The trick is to use a good primer and the correct foundation base that is compatible with the bride's skin type. And using a fixer at the end of the makeup application sets everything; holds it in place (like hairspray, but for the face).

Jubilee: I have tried so many lashes before, but none comes close to your lush lashes. They feel so comfortable, even against my sensitive eyes! And they make everyone look like movie stars. What made you decide to make your own brand of lashes and what makes it so much better than other brands out there?

M&T: When first starting out in the business, there were no lashes on the market that we loved. They were very exaggerated, heavy, and just didn't look natural…especially on Asian eyes. So we would cut, trim, and make them work for us as needed. This sparked the idea of creating our own lashes that would be more natural, comfortable and customizable. We love our lashes because anyone can use them, you can go subtle for daytime or layer them on fuller for a more dramatic evening look. They give you an instant eye lift while still looking natural (vs. drag queen intensity).

Jubilee: What recommendations do you have for both men and women, in preparing their skin to be their very best, before their wedding day? 

M&T: Getting facials are great leading up to the wedding day. It helps correct certain skin issues and revive the skin. Just make sure to research and find good reputable facialists. Getting rest, drinking lots of water, and moisturizing the skin is also a very important regimen.

Photo by Augie Chang Photography

Jubilee: What tips do you have for brides in picking an appropriate hairstyle for their wedding?

M&T: There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle for the wedding day. First, work with your artist/stylist to understand what type of hair texture, fullness, thickness, and length you have and to learn what styles would work well with your hair type. A lot of times, we recommend hair extensions for our brides who select styles that may require fuller, thicker or longer hair. Second, consider a hair style that will compliment your features and face shape. If you're self conscious about having a larger forehead, choosing a style that has side-swept bangs would not only make you feel more comfortable, but would probably look better in photos. Lastly, make sure the style you choose compliments the style of the dress. If the dress is very ornate and busy (especially around the neckline), it may be better to go with a clean up-do that's up and away from the neck so the two don't compete with each other. Careful styling is very important to creating a beautiful and cohesive look.

Jubilee: We've been asked more often than not now, whether or not the groom and groomsmen should have their makeup and hair done on the wedding day too. What are your thoughts about this, and should men have a different beauty regiment before the wedding?

M&T: Unless the groom has a scar or prominent acne/blemishes that needs coverage, we personally feel makeup is not necessary for men just because we think men look handsome and sexy when they go au natural vs. primped and prepped. As for hair styling, we don't specialize in styling men's hair so we recommend that they go to a professional who they trust and know can style their hair the way the want it. For men's skincare, we recommend the same regimen used for the brides.

Jubilee: What is your favorite, and most useful, beauty tip for brides?

M&T: Lashes, lashes, lashes! Lashes really enhances the face and takes it to another level. And face luminzer is also a great trick to achieve glowing skin!

Thanks so much for all the valuable tips, Mimi & Taylor! 

Photo by Augie Chang Photography

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