February 25, 2014

Welcome Gifts for Out of Town Guests

Little touches at a wedding go a long way in creating a wonderful experience with your guests. One idea that never gets old is to leave a welcome gift for your guests who have made the effort to travel to your wedding. It can come in the form of a box, a tote bag, or even a canvas buckets. We'd like to say there are no limitations to what you can do, but we do recommend that you be mindful about your guests' luggage space. If you gift them a gigantic basket full of goodies, it might be difficult for them to take some of the keepsake items home with them.

We've gathered some of our favorite welcome gift presentations online to share with you, and hope that it will inspire you to show some love to your guests inside their hotel rooms!
Left photo obtained from Martha Stewart Weddings | Right photo obtained from Pinterest
Photos obtained from Pinterest
Photos obtained from Martha Stewart Weddings
Photos obtained from Martha Stewart Weddings
What should you include in these welcome gift "bags"? Here are some of our suggestions, along with links to sites where you can purchase the items:

Basic Items:

-Personalized water bottles
-Handwritten note card 
-Schedule of events for the weekend
-Map of the area (you can ask the hotel concierge for this, or hire a graphic artist to draw one up)
-Snacks that are packaged nicely (local treats like these for S.F. would be ideal to give guests a flavor of the city)
-Small first aid kit

Additional fun-to-have items:

-Bottle of your favorite wine
-Mini champagne bottle (with a note that reads Pop this open for an early celebration of an amazing weekend ahead! )
-Eye pillows
-Custom "hangover" kit (lots of mini items for the kit can be found here)
-Nice candle with personalized matches

We also love these pretty canvas buckets and totes from Maika (previously known as Chewing the Cud)!

Follow our Welcome Gifts Pinterest board for more updated inspirations!

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