March 23, 2014


There are lots of great ways to end an awesome party, and we've certainly helped plan our fair share of those. At one of our weddings last year though, the guests had their own plans to end the wedding for the couple in a memorable way...

That's right, they tossed the groom, bow tie and all, into the moonlit pool! Fortunately, Orson was a great sport about it, and had some good laughs.

It's fun to watch how the mood of a wedding progresses throughout the day. Guests often arrive to the ceremony well-mannered and proper, self-consciously making sure they're not saying or doing the "wrong thing." Once the ceremony concludes and the cocktail hour begins, most people loosen up a notch with upbeat music and a few drinks. By the end of the evening, jackets and shoes are often tossed aside as everyone rocks the dance floor. Every wedding is still so different to us because the people are different, and that's why we love what we do.

Photos above by Lisa Lefkowitz

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  1. Anonymous5:39 AM

    It looks like so much fun. Very lively images.