April 10, 2014


Weddings are one of the most joyful celebrations that bring families together. For some families, it's also a bittersweet reminder that some of their dearest ones will not be present. 

We are always overjoyed for our clients when parents, grandparents, and all of their closest families and friends are healthy and well enough to celebrate with them. For those that have loved ones who have passed already, there are still many ways to honor these special people at your wedding. Here are a few ideas:

1. Save them a seat at the ceremony. You can place a small card on the chair to remember them, with some fresh flowers from your florist.

2. Pick a special reading or song that is significant to your relationship with them, and ask a close friend or family member to read or sing it during the ceremony.

3. Include a photo of them at the wedding. Our couples love incorporating old photos at their weddings, to bring in some history. Whether through a slideshow, album, or framed photos on a table, you can include images of those that have passed who holds a special place in your hearts.

For one of our weddings last year, our bride Wendy had an incredibly close relationship with both of her grandfathers, who have passed. It was important to her that she could feel their presence at the wedding, and to include them in some way. We saved 2 seats at the dinner tables, and placed special items that were significant to them. For one of the seats, we had yams, because her grandfather loved yams. For the other, we had a beautiful orchid strung onto the chair, as her other grandfather loved orchids.

One of the sweetest part of that wedding was watching Wendy's grandmother hold onto her husband's photos throughout the day, even as she was dancing, to be sure that he was included in the festivities. It's so heartwarming to see love in such depth, and is exactly why we love what we do!

Photos above by Augie Chang Photography

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