June 5, 2014


Thank you Brides Magazine, for posting this lovely photo

on how to properly set a dinner table

For most of our weddings, the setting would be a slightly different, but it would largely depend on the menu selected, and the overall design. The dinner plate shown below would typically act as a charger plate, and the salad plate above would be a show plate to simply add more texture to the tabletop. A pretty napkin, along with a menu, could be added to each setting. If you're serving both a red and a white wine glass, then we recommend having one of each stemware, along with a champagne flute if you're planning on having a champagne toast as well. To minimize clutter on the table, we almost always exclude the coffee cup and the bread plate. Coffee/tea can be served when dinner is over, and the show plate or charger plate can be used as the bread plate.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding planning for our clients is the table mock up where we arrange a curated selection of items for clients to see. The entire table would be set as it would at their wedding, including the linens, chairs, centerpieces, etc. Some clients walk in and fall in love with the table exactly as we set it, and others collaborate with us at the meeting to make changes that are best suited to them.

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