May 18, 2016


Some of our clients come to us with a very specific vision for their wedding. Some have absolutely no idea what they want in terms of design, and some have wayyy too many ideas (thanks to Pinterest) that are all over the place. If you fall into any of these categories, that's okay! Know that most couples are likely in the same boat as you are, and part of the process in the beginning of the wedding planning is to filter and curate through all the different ideas to hone in on a design direction that truly speaks to you! 

When we kick start the wedding planning process with our clients, we always start off with an extensive Design Questionnaire. It's a series of questions that encourages you to think through some of the bigger wedding questions. It's also a way for our team to get to know you and your relationship on a deeper level. Some of these questions could be:

What are you known for as a couple?
What are your favorite brands and what do you like about them?
Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
How would you describe the mood of your dream wedding?

....and so on. After reviewing all of your answers, and taking the time to go through every pin on your Pinterest boards, we would present a Design Summary with a mood board that portrays that look and feel of your wedding. Below, you'll see one that we did for a wedding at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco, where we described the wedding style as clean, modern, sleek, streamlined, structural, refined and polished. We went for a color palette of black, pearl white, champagne and blush, with accents of metallic gold.

We love dreaming up great ideas and beautiful details with our clients, but what we also happen to thrive on is the work that is required to bring all of those ideas to reality! This includes finding vendors that are the best fit to produce the results that we want, working out the logistics on the backend to ensure the ideas can truly execute well, and a lot of other "behind the scenes" production work that is absolutely critical. Although such detail-oriented work may not feel fun to most people, our team truly finds it as one of the most rewarding parts of what we do! 

Here's a collage to show how we brought the above mood board to life at the Bently Reserve! 

Photos by Milou and Olin Photography


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