May 2, 2006

Memoirs of a Wedding

I am so excited! I got the photos for Sylvia and James' wedding and they are amazing! Michelle Walker (, their darling photographer, did an awesome job! She is one of the most talented, passionate and fun photographer that I have ever worked with and she really knows how to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera! Just look at the way she captured Sylvia and James' smiles and laughter here! As I was looking through all of the photos, I was reliving all the special moments of that day. Sylvia and James were the sweetest couple to work with. They live in Boston and throughout the 8 months of planning we corresponded a lot by phone, email and IM. They were so much fun, and even though the wedding is now over, we still chat a lot as we have become good friends. I love the friendships that are developed with both clients and the vendors that I work with. It's just great to work with people you like. I feel so fortunate in that way!

Sylvia and James were married at the Hakone Gardens in Saratoga on March 25th. Yes, that is the same garden that Memoris of a Geisha was filmed! Their cinematographers, Chuck and Jewel Savadelis (, created a beautiful and touching trailer that was inspired by the movie. As a surprise, they worked around the clock on the editing during the two weeks that Sylvia and James were away on their honeymoon so that when they arrived home in Boston, they received this beautiful package from their doorman. Inside the package was a brand new Ipod (aka Bridepod!) and they were able to watch their stunning trailer that very moment. Talk about going the extra mile to delight your clients! I will definitely put this trailer up on my website soon....for now, take a look at it on my web designer Stacie's website Stacie was also the designer for Sylvia's necklace and tiara! The beautiful flowers you see below were designed and created by Sarah Kranz of Florabella Designs ( The tenting was done by Stuart Party Rentals.

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