December 7, 2006

Ooh la la, Le Creme!

It's the end of the wedding season and to celebrate a very successful year, my dear friend and colleague Nancy Liu Chin treated me to a wonderful manicure and pedicure session at Le Creme. Though I'm a frequent visitor to the chic and fun Fillmore Street, I had no idea that Le Creme existed until Nancy introduced me to it! What a delightful surprise it was!

Located just off of Fillmore Street, Le Creme is a shabby chic mani/pedi salon that uses only nature's finest ingredients such as fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, and essential herbal and healing oils. There is a wonderful team of professional staff there, providing a truly luxurious experience for everyone that walks through their front door.

I chose their signature hand and foot therapy, using lavender essential oil combined with a hot cream massage that almost put me to sleep in comfort on their plush couches! For those opting for extra comfort, you can add an additional massage for your feet which is undoubtedly much needed after that strenuous holiday shopping adventure you just overcame!

Le Creme is such a cute and relaxing place to be that you just don't want to leave. It's the perfect location for bridal showers, birthday parties, or baby showers! You can reserve the entire salon for your special occasion and even bring in a caterer to provide some delicacies and drinks! On a sunny, clear day, you may opt to have your party outdoors. Le Creme has an additional patio in the back perfect for your intimate celebration!

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