April 24, 2007

Behind the Scenes Part 1

What does a Wedding Coordinator do on the wedding day? I get asked this question a lot. Since every coordinator works differently, I can only speak for myself here. I will have to break this up into several postings to avoid making this a novel-length post! Let's start with the morning of the wedding day!

I usually arrive at the bridal preparation location early morning, when the second or third girl is getting their makeup/hair done. I like to arrive early because I know if the schedule is off track in the morning, it will have a domino affect on the rest of the day. I need to try to prevent that from happening, or react to it when its truly unavoidable.

Another reason I like to arrive early in the morning is to make sure my bride is in good spirits! She must have happy music on and be completely carefree and relaxed. I usually advise my brides to allow only her closest families and bridesmaids in her suite when she is getting ready, so she doesn't get overwhelmed with a big group of people snapping photos and bustling around her. Ofcourse if the bride desires otherwise that's totally fine as well. I'm certainly not a controlling coordinator and will always respect the bride's wishes. I once had a wedding where the bride and groom got ready in the same suite. It was what they wanted so that was what they got!

As the morning progresses I continue to monitor the time, occasionally giving the hair/makeup stylist a headsup on how much longer we have. I don't like to 'talk timing' around the bride though, as it tends to make her nervous. Once the bridesmaids are finished with their hair and makeup I make sure they get dressed right away while the bride is still finishing up. Why? Because when it comes time for the bride to be dressed she will need her bridesmaids to help her get into her dress and it makes for much better photos/video when the bridesmaids are fully dressed and beautiful!

I like to cushion in some extra time in the schedule so the bride has a chance to relax and take everything in once she is fully dressed and ready to go. It is the beginning of an incredibly special day for her and she is likely to feel a bit nervous and jittery. Therefore, it's important that she never feels rushed!

Stay tuned for Part 2.....

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