February 23, 2008

There's no take two!

Are you considering a wedding video? If the answer is no, may I urge you to RECONSIDER! I think that is probably the #1 regrets of many couples. After the wedding day, they realize how quickly the day had gone by and they wish they could relive it all over again. Well, you can. Sort of. By hiring a wonderful, fabulous cinematographer like Chuck and Jewel Savadelis you can come close to reliving the most special day of your lives.

I've had the pleasure of working with Savadelis Films on many weddings, and they have always amazed me in their ability to capture in the most genuine way the love, the joy, and all the different emotions that arise on the wedding day. Their videos are movies, but in no way are they surreal. In fact, the movies are so tastefully shot and edited that it can even bring tears and laughter to a total stranger.

'How do they do that?' you may ask.

I think it lies in their passion for what they do. They shoot each wedding with heart. Prior to the wedding day, they go to great lengths to understand the couple. They try to grasp the couple's vision of the wedding, they note who the key family members and special guests are (as well as where they are seated at the ceremony and reception!), and they treat each wedding as a very special, unique day. They don't go by a 'must shoot' list, because they capture each detail as it unfolds naturally. Yet, they never miss an important moment...like when the groom first lay eyes on his bride. There is so much preparation that they do prior to the wedding day, such as meeting with me to go through the timeline intensively because they do not like to leave anything to chance.

I've heard so many couples say that they can relive their wedding through the photos. Let me tell you, I have the greatest respect for photographers but you must realize that it's a completely different medium! Tell me how photographs can make you relive that toast by your Best Man that made everyone roaring with laughter. Tell me how photographs can make you relive that beautiful first dance as husband and wife to that special song you picked. You can't! You may remember the toast a year from your wedding day, maybe even five years. But 30 years go by, and how can you remember? How can you describe it to your children, to the children of your Best Man?

Every couple deserves a wedding video. Remember, on your wedding day there's no take two, so get the best videographers you can to capture it!


Sample video from a wedding that I did with Chuck and Jewel at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay:

Quicktime: http://www.savadelis.com/movies/samba_at_the_ritz.mov
Windows Media: http://www.savadelis.com/movies/samba_at_the_ritz.wmv

Image above by Gene Higa www.genehiga.com

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