February 22, 2008

Sweet Tooth

Those that know me well will tell you that I have the sweetest tooth of them all! I have always believed that I have a separate stomach just for desserts. My husband still gets shocked when I ask for the dessert menu after a very full dinner. I tell him the same thing every time..."A dinner is just not complete without dessert!"

It comes as no surprise to him then, that when I started planning my daughter's first birthday, dessert was the first item on my agenda. 'We must have a fabulous dessert bar', I announced to my husband. He laughed and said 'Isn't the birthday cake a dessert already?"

I gave him 'the look'.

Off I went on my research for the best dessert bar for little Bridgette's birthday. Then, I suddenly remembered the wonderful petite desserts that I had recently at my friend Stacie Tamaki's wedding! They were from Satura Cakes, which by no ordinary coincidence, was a place that I made frequent stops to. I called my contact there, Jenny, right away. Jenny quickly sent me their full list of selections.

Let me backtrack a bit. I've had the pleasure of tasting the cakes at Satura Cakes on many, many occasions. When they first launched about three years ago, they partnered with a bridal salon Panache in hosting a networking event for wedding professionals. That was when I first met Jenny, and learned all about Satura Cakes. When I found out that this was a Japanese company with a vision to bring the beautiful and delicate art of Japanese pastries to the Bay Area, I knew this was what I've been waiting for all my life! I visit Tokyo quite often, and indulge in their pastries and desserts every time. I have always wondered why we don't have something like that in the Bay Area. Satura Cakes probably realized the same thing, and I am so glad that they did. In just a few years time they have opened up two locations in the Bay Area, several in Honolulu and they have plans to expand further in the Bay Area and Southern California! Yay!

When my sister and I were pregnant, we made trips to Satura Cakes weekly. We especially craved for their cream puffs and strawberry shortcakes. The day after my baby was born, my brother in law bought to the hospital my favorite pear tart from Satura Cakes. You can tell what an important part they have been in the last few years of my life! In addition to that, I have happily recommended them to my clients for their wedding cakes and dessert bar needs.

The desserts at Satura Cakes are very fresh and light, which caters very well to the Asian palette. For Bridgette's birthday party, I selected the green tea cream puffs, mango mousse cake, chocolate mousse cake, raspberry shortcake, strawberry shortcake, and fresh fruit tarts. They were the hit of the party. Everybody wanted to know where the desserts came from!

From your daily pastries and desserts to special occasion cakes and dessert bars, Satura Cakes is the place to go to! Jenny Voight is my contact there for weddings and she is knowledgeable, professional, and just great to work with!


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