March 13, 2008

Service at its BEST!

The Ritz-Carlton brand is undoubtedly one of the strongest, most recognizable brand in the world. Why would anyone buy a Ritz-Carlton residence for $45 million dollars? Because they want the best of the best. If you have ever been to a Ritz-Carlton, you probably remember being greeted by name by the valet attendant, or even the doorman. Each Ritz-Carlton employee carries with them the Ritz-Carlton Credo card everyday. What is the Ritz-Carlton Credo, you ask. It is their mission statement summed up in three sentences:

"The Ritz-Carlton is a place where the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission. We pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities for our guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambiance. The Ritz-Carlton experience enlivens the sense, instills well-being, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests."

The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay is a beautiful resort located on the coastal side of the quaint town of Half Moon Bay. Each year, over a hundred unique, beautiful weddings of all sizes are held there. I have had the good fortune to work there on many occasions, helping my clients coordinate one-of-a-kind wedding celebrations. It's one of the best places a wedding planner could work at, because we get the support and partnership of the amazing staff there.

I feel honored to be on their Preferred Vendor List, a list that the Catering and Sales team hand-selected based on our professionalism, level of service, expertise, and many other aspects. Yesterday, they invited all the vendors on this list to participate in a Vendor Educational Workshop, a program that the Catering, Sales, and Human Resources team have worked collaboratively for the past few years to put together. I was thrilled to see many of my friends there, people whom I love working with. It's been awhile since I've sat in a classroom setting, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The workshop was incredibly informative and inspiring. It allowed us to better understand the Ritz-Carlton brand and why it is so successful. It also taught us how we can improve our businesses by taking our service to the next level--the Ritz-Carlton level. They view us as partners, as an extension to the Ritz-Carlton brand and family, so it is important that we have the same level of standards for our own businesses. By the time the workshop was over, we were all ready to run back to our offices to come up with our own Credo! It was truly inspiring. Thank you to Debra, Sunni, Tony, Rachel, Leslie, and everyone else on the Ritz-Carlton team that made this workshop happen! I am thrilled to be associated with such wonderful people.

Left to right: Debra Hertzog, Sunni Oza, Lisa Leigh, Jean Marks, Michelle Walker, John Woods, Ron Grandia

Ron Grandia and Armando Serabia

Left to right: Cero Anthony, Shawna Futagaki, John Woods

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