March 13, 2008

Wedding Planning can be fun!

Are you a newly engaged couple that is dreading the wedding planning process ahead of you? Are you overwhelmed by the infinite number of vendors on all the wedding planning websites and magazines out there? Are you terrified at the thought of having the wedding planning consume your lives for the next year?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you should really consider a wedding planner!

I strive to make the wedding planning as fun as possible for my clients. After all, this is a very exciting time in their lives and the excitement cannot be lost before the Big Day arrives! I'm not going to lie though. There will be stressful moments, such as trying to trim down the guest list. However, my clients have a lot of fun throughout the planning process. A few highlights that you can look forward to are, ofcourse, the tastings (with caterers and cake designers!), the selection of linens, chairs, and other rental items, and the walk through at your venue to finalize all the details!

With my clients, I like to have them focus on the areas that they love most. Everything else, they trust me to take care of. Ofcourse, they always make the final decisions on everything but it sure helps to have an expert guide the way. I'm not going to go on and on bragging about how great my services are (even though it sure is!) but I think the best gift any couple can get themselves is to hire an experienced and reputable Wedding Coordinator.

Last week, I accompanied my clients Emily and Leonard to a fabulous tasting with their caterer McCall's. They had so much fun tasting all the food that they were considering for the wedding. At the end, one of McCall's exceptional bartender worked with us to mix the perfect specialty cocktail for the exact shade of color they were looking for. Talk about details and perfection--love it!

Today, Emily, Leonard, and I met with their amazing floral designer Kathleen Deery at Classic Party Rentals to pick their tabletop settings. We got to PLAY--that's what I like to call it. We played with different linens, napkins, chairs, chargers, and had a fun time pulling the decor elements of the wedding together. Kathleen is one of the most talented floral designers I've had the pleasure to work with in the industry, and I just know this wedding is going to be extraordinary!

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