April 8, 2008

Presentation Matters

I love accompanying my clients to their tastings, not because I get to eat great food, but I love to see how excited they get and how the wedding becomes more 'real' to them. My cute Denver couple, Erin and Nick, recently came back for the tasting with their fabulous caterer and Erin's parents as well as sister Shannon from Honolulu joined us.

Ethan Mantle, the owner and chef of Componere Fine Catering, is amazing. He's never failed to impress my clients, not only because of his impressive training and experience but because he is so passionate about helping his clients customize a menu that is perfect for their unique wedding. You can feel his genuine interest in creating your menu, and he takes great pride of his phenomenal quality of food and service. Although he has only been in business for a few years, he has received much recognition from Event Planners, reputable Venues, and many publications like the San Francisco magazine for his success.

One of the reasons that I love working with Ethan is because he understands that it is just as much about food as it is about presentation. His food is like a work of art, but not in an artificial kind of way. It creates awe, and becomes a conversation piece, sometimes even an ice breaker! There's a lot more that goes into it than one can see. Ethan has a lot of different plates and platters to present his food on, making the presentation perfect-o! Erin, Nick, and their family could not have been happier with the tasting. Because many of their guests are vegetarians, it was of utmost important to them that the vegetarian entree is just as fabulous as the filet mignon and the halibut. They did not want their vegetarian guests to feel like they were an after-thought. Ethan understood this, and worked hard to design several ultra special vegetarian entrees for them to choose from. It was NOT an easy decision. They loved all of them!

I'm not going to reveal too much more about this wedding, as it is coming up in June and I have no idea if any of their guests may come across my blog! I will definitely post pictures of this wedding when it is over--stay tuned!


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