May 19, 2008

New York, New York

Before the wedding season kicks into high gear for me, I had to sneak one more trip in....

I chose the Big Apple this time!

It was a fabulous four days spent with my sister, who happened to be there on a business trip from Hong Kong. I brought my laptop with me and worked at the hotel while she was working at her office. We both vowed (and kept it) to get off promptly at 5pm and met up for drinks and a bit of shopping before indulging ourselves in extraordinary restaurants. Some highlights of this trip:

1. No touristy stuff for me. Been there, done that. This was all about R & R, sister-to-sister bonding time, and great food.....all surrounding a somewhat 'regular' work day for us remotely from our offices!

2. We visited the flagship store of FAO Schwarz, with the intention to bring home special gifts for our daughters but surprised ourselves by coming out empty handed! Still, it was fun to see stuff animals twice our size.

3. We visited small boutiques on SOHO and Nolita, and rewarded ourselves with a few pieces of clothing to add to our summer wardrobes!

4. We made it to the book signing of Emily Giffin, one of my favorite authors! She wrote Something Blue, Something Borrowed, and Baby Proof. Her newest novel, Love the One You're With, just came out on May 13th. Emily is young, beautiful, and extremely talented. She inspired many aspiring writers at the book signing and credits her success in writing to 'sheer hatred of her previous job as a lawyer'. Yes, we should all pursue what we love!

5. We couldn't make reservations at Nobu, but we settled for its sister restaurant Nobu57, opened for just a few years. The vibe was great and the food was original, but I've had better sushi. (I am quite critical when it comes to sushi!)

6. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton at Battery Park. One can never complain when staying at a Ritz-Carlton, and I have to confess that I had three straight days of room service for my lunch so that I didn't have to leave my laptop! The room service meal was excellent!

Sake barrels, all imported from Japan, at Nobu 57 and a cute little boutique in Nolita

Emily Giffin and I, at her book signing and the New York sunset, as seen from the top floor of the Ritz

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  1. Hi Jubilee!
    I just love reading your blog!
    This blog made me miss NYC so much! I use to call the Ritz Battery Park home as that is where I use to work and I just love it there! I hope you made it to the RISE Bar for a libertini! They are fabulous!!
    I have to agree that the sushi at Nobu isn't all it is cracked up to be! It is the name and the experience right? Anyway...Sounds like a great trip! We so have to get together soon!