June 4, 2008

She's making a list, and checking it twice....

No, I'm not singing the Santa Claus is Coming to Town jingle in June. I'm referring to what my team and I do the most during the last few weeks leading up to a wedding!

Aka 'Crunch Time' for us at the office; we are likely found doing the following tasks as we get close to a wedding:

1. Scrutinizing the master guest list that we are given to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary.

2. A lot of cross-referencing between the guest list, seating assignments, transportation routings, hotel rooming lists, etc.

3. Triple checking rental orders!

4. Religiously making calls to vendors to confirm load in/load out time, setup specs, and other logistical information

5. Extra dessert breaks

6. Running errands like picking up place cards from the calligrapher

7. Going to final dress/tuxedo fittings

8. Creating a Production Schedule for my team, so everybody knows what they're responsible for on the wedding day

9. Taking phone calls and emails from guests with questions

10. Calming whoever has the wedding jitters

I do sooooooo much for my clients that I honestly don't know how brides without coordinators make it! Do they really do ALL THIS on their own and still show up glowing and excited on the wedding day? It's A LOT of details, but it's what I thrive on. I do everything I can to make sure my clients and their families get to relax and fully enjoy the week of the wedding. It makes a big difference. A calm, relaxed and happy bride sets the pace for everyone at the wedding, and also makes for beautiful photos and video!

This week we're getting ready for a very eventful weekend for my Denver couple Erin and Nick. With nearly 200 guests traveling here for the wedding weekend we've got a lot of fabulous activities in store for everyone from spas to golf courses to wineries. I will definitely share pictures on my blog after it's over!

I just had to share this cute picture of Erin and Nick enjoying their last dance lesson with the amazing Cynthia Glinka (www.cynthiaglinka.com) before the wedding. It's my mission to take over all the work from my clients so they can do fun things like this!

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