December 9, 2008

Girl Power

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day are the morning preparations in the bridal suite. There is a very strong emotional connection between all the girls as they get ready together and it's usually a time of bonding, tears, and laughter. It's a great idea to have your photographer and videographer be present for at least a part of that time so they can capture all of those great moments for you!

I've seen a lot of nervous brides on the wedding day, and it's always touching to see the bridesmaids fussing over the bride to make sure she looks perfect. Girlfriends are just so special!!

In my wedding day timelines, I always schedule the bridesmaids to get dressed BEFORE they help the bride get into her dress. The reason behind that? Well, take a look at the photos above. It makes for MUCH better photos and videos when you have bridesmaids that are fully dressed and beautiful helping the bride get into her gown!

If you are having a hard time deciding which girlfriends to choose to be your bridesmaids, here are some words of wisdom:

1. Choose people you are genuinely close with, on an emotional level. They should be the true friends in your life, those that you cherish and love.

2. Choose people that are dependable. It's a committment on their side to be there for you throughout the planning process and especially on the day-of.

3. Choose people that are sensitive. It's often a roller coaster ride of emotions for you on the wedding day. You will need to be surrounded by people that can be sensitive to that, which will calm you down.

In essence, trust your instincts! You're not putting on a show for people so don't pick bridesmaids based on physical appearances. Choose the real friends in your life.

Photo Credit:

Top set of photos by Lisa Leigh
Middle set of photos by Todd Rafalovich
Bottom set of photos by The Image is Found

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