December 7, 2008

What are your Christmas colors this year?

I love the holidays. It's my favorite time of the year, and I always take time to decorate our home to make it especially warm, inviting, and festive! 

As we all know, traditionally Christmas consists of the following colors: red, green, white, silver, and gold. However, blue entered the mix awhile back and now, we're seeing much more creative color palettes for this special holiday. While shopping this year, I fell in love with a goldish rose color that sprung up in holiday decor. 

Admittedly though, I feel a little bittersweet about this. On one hand, I want to preserve the traditional wedding colors and be reminded of Christmas when those colors pop up everyone around the stores. On the other hand, I'm excited that one no longer needs to worry about the holiday colors clashing with their home design and decor. 

During my recent Tokyo trip, I noticed that their holiday colors (at least for this year) were mainly blue, silver, and white. It's quite glamorous, and lovely. Interestingly enough though, they were encouraging a new color palette for Christmas. Take a look below! What do you think?


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