April 28, 2009

The Restaurant Scene

I'm a little behind on my blog posts, but I do have some great things in the queue, so I hope you will follow my blog or check back often!

I feel blessed that wining and dining is a part of my job. Even before becoming a Wedding Coordinator though, I have always loved trying out new restaurants. It's just that now, I have a better excuse to do so without feeling too guilty. 'It's a part of my job' just sounds better!

Recently I tried out two new restaurants that are worth blogging about and I'm really excited to share it with my readers...

1. Anchor and Hope--tucked inside an alley way in downtown San Francisco, this warehouse looking restaurant is an amazing seafood shack. The ambiance is suited for both formal and informal, so you may see someone dining with a suit on and you may see lots of jeans around. The ambiance and decor? Think nautical, brick, chalkboards, plywood floors. Awesome vibe.
My favorite appetizer was the warm sea urchin in the shell, dungeness crab, with lemon beurre blanc. The steamed clam paella is excellent, and if you like good ole 'fish & chip', they offer a fabulous battered cod with rosemary and thyme potato wedges. Don't leave without at least a bite of their lemon meringue pie! The strawberry coffee cake sounded appealing, but it was too sweet even for my palette.

2. Pampas--one of the newest restaurant in the Palo Alto scene, right off of the bustling University Avenue. I had heard it was the place to go to for authentic Brazilian churrasco (aka Brazilian Steakhouse). Unfortunately I was there for a rather late lunch, so I did not get to experience that but what was available on the menu was still yum-o! The layout of the restaurant is very unique, with three different levels. My favorite was the the lowest level which felt like a hidden basement--perfect for a private party, like a rehearsal dinner! The entire restaurant is quite airy and pretty, with a long bar surrounded by furniture vignettes that's so perfect for the happy hour crowd.

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