April 22, 2009

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I am so excited to feature my very first guest blogger today! Her name is Julie, and she is a really creative bride that I am working with this year. We are having a lot of fun planning her wedding, and it's going to be SO special.

I was incredibly impressed when Julie first confided in me on a 'secret project' that she had been working on. She had 12 special girls in her life that she wanted to invite to be her bridesmaids. However, she didn't want to just pick up the phone or send an email to ask them. Instead, she wanted to do something totally different and unique, so that she can express to them how special they are! Here is Julie....

"The day after I got engaged, I immediately thought about how I would ask my bridesmaids. I just jumped at the opportunity to do something unexpected and creative for my close friends. One of my favorite artists I've met in San Francisco, Lea, sets up the Worlds Smallest Postal Service where she writes a teeny tiny letter and mails it with a magnifying glass. Now, I've been a letter writer for years, so this was perfect. Last year, Nathan, my fiance, knew of my amazement at her teeny tiny letters and sent me a hilarious poem on one. Naturally I had to send teeny tiny letters to my bridesmaids, but with a fun spin. Over a couple of weeks, Lea and I worked together and came up with the idea to get vintage buttons and create a mini book. The button book fit perfectly into a square magnifying box that is needed to read the writing inside. We topped it off by wrapping it in sewing paper, her beautiful poetry ribbon, and a chartreuse box! I liked the fact that this button book would be such a discovery process with each step of curiosity."

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Julie! If I received something like this, I would feel pretty darn special! I hope this encourages more brides to be creative in their wedding planning journey.

Lea is also a creative consultant and loves helping clients come up with unique ideas for their wedding! Check out her awesome website here.

To read the response of one of Julie's bridesmaids upon receiving this package, click here! Love it!!!

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