May 31, 2009

FAB food = FAB party!

I'm a foodie. I can really appreciate good food, especially with a glass of wine. Mmmmmm, to me, that's better than a spa session! Okay, maybe just as good. My husband was just commenting the other day how much money we spend on dining out every month. He's right, but I told him that yummy food makes me relax and de-stress. It's like therapy, but I don't depend on it to feel good. I just appreciate good food, did I say that already?

Being the foodie that I am, I certainly couldn't resist when Josh of Joshua Charles Catering invited me to do a private tasting...especially since his new tasting room is literally 2 miles away from my office!

I first met Josh at my good friends Nancy Liu Chin and Kevin Chin's home a few years ago. He was the caterer for a dinner party that they threw, and I remember loving the food back then already! It wasn't until recently did Josh and I reconnect, and I'm so glad he reached out to me.

Josh and his team created a fabulous menu for my tasting that day, and ofcourse I had to take photos to share on my blog!!

Here was the menu:

Butter lettuce with raspberry vinaigrette, Humboldt fog goat cheese, and homemade herb cracker

Arctic Char with artichoke confit, roasted oyster mushrooms, and asparagus jus

Roasted free range chicken with mashed potatoes, sautéed rapini and poultry glaze

Strawberry vol-au-vent with vanilla bean ice cream

I was really impressed with the food. Many of my clients frown when they hear 'chicken' as an option for their wedding menu, but let me tell you.....when you have a fabulous caterer like Joshua Charles, the word 'chicken' is no longer ordinary. The chicken that I had that day was sooooo tender and juicy, and just simply delicious!

Many people look forward to weddings for the food. I really think that having fabulous food at a wedding is a surefire way to make your guests happy. I see it all the time! When you discuss your menu with your caterer, you want to be creative. Picking the 'safest' options may not always be the best way to go. Last year, I worked with a client who wanted to go 'safe' with the menu because many of the guests were traveling here from the midwest. After some encouragement from me, and their caterer, we had a semi-adventurous menu that really gave their guests a true California culinary experience. Their guests LOVED all the food, from the sushi station to the duck entree. They couldn't stop talking about it! People like to experience what they normally wouldn't get to experience if they were to dine out on their own. So, don't be afraid to be a little adventurous!

Joshua Charles is available for weddings and other events of pretty much all sizes. They are still a 'best kept secret' right now, but I have a feeling that pretty soon, you would need to act fast to book them for your special event!


  1. like the photographs... it looks so inviting... i gotta agree... i think delicious food should not be compromise... i like fine dining specially when ambiance feels nice...

  2. I saw your blog through my friend Beverly Yip's blog (she and I went to high school together). I'm a wedding planner in Las Vegas! Anyway, this blog post sounded just like me so I had to comment. I'm a foodie too. I'd rather have dinner and a glass of wine over a spa day! And I LOVE discussing the menu with my brides and grooms!