June 23, 2009

Custom Tiny Text Bowls by Paloma's Nest

Don't you just love the internet? It give us SO MUCH eye candy without us ever having to leave our computers. It can also be a little dangerous for your bank account if you don't have some self control.

My new love is with Etsy, the online marketplace for all things handmade. There are so much treasures to be found on this site everyday!!

I found these little custom white ceramic bowls that are simply fabulous! The best part is that you can put custom wording on the bowl!

What can you use them for? It's a great alternative to the traditional ring pillow. If you're giving your bridesmaids jewelry, what a neat way to present it to them in this cute little bowl!


  1. Oooooh!!! Very cute!

  2. i love these -- they are so cute and inventive! great idea!