February 27, 2010

A TuTu Party

My baby just turned 3! It was somewhat bittersweet for me as I planned her third birthday. At age 3, it just felt more 'official' that she was no longer a baby anymore, though I'll probably still see her as my baby the day she gets married!

This year, I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to plan her party, since I have been so busy planning The Academy for Planners + Designers. Luckily for me, being in the wedding industry means I have A LOT of great resources for all things party! I recalled reading from my good friend Nancy Liu Chin's blog, The Brown Bag, awhile back about a really cute ballet school for kids in San Francisco, called Tutu School. It happened to be owned by a mutual friend of ours, photographer extraordinaire Andrew Weeks. I've wanted to sign Bridgette up for ballet classes for the longest time so when it came time to plan Bridgette's birthday party, I naturally thought of the adorable Tutu School!

The kids had such a wonderful time! They started off with a craft project where they got to decorate their own crowns. Then, a professional ballerina taught them ballet moves, but ofcourse, it's very hard to teach 3 year olds to be graceful and elegant. The girls pranced around like princesses in the cutest little leotards and tutus, while the boys had sashes wrapped around them, like knights! After the dance lesson, they had a 'cupcake picnic' with lemonade, and finished the day off with storytelling, and a wand decorating project.

Happy Birthday to my little Bridgette!

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  1. What a fantastic idea for a birthday party - I love it!


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