February 6, 2010

Video of The Wedding University 2010

I am so proud to say that The Wedding University 2010 was a huge success! This year, Jean and I decided to step away from our teaching role, so that we can oversee the event in its entirety and sit in each of the classes. It was an amazing experience, and we were extremely proud as we listened to each of the professor teach passionately about the subjects they knew best.

I will post more about the event after I sort through all the fabulous photos but for now, I want to share an incredible video produced by Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV.

Andrew was a new addition to our Wedding University faculty this year, and he was definitely our 'rock star'. He arrived to the Four Seasons on Saturday afternoon, to film some of the 'behind the scenes' of our setup process. On Sunday, he continued filming throughout the day at The Wedding University, while working diligently on a 'same-day edit' in between his filming.

We saved Andrew's class for the very end, and many students commented on their evaluations that we 'saved the best for last'. He started his class off by showing this phenomenal, powerful same-day edit and everyone was both wow'd and touched at the same time. When he showed his latest demo, it touched so many brides, and they scrambled around looking for tissue to wipe away their tears. Then, Andrew shared with us the top 10 questions to ask an 'Event Filmmaker', and provided information and tips that were super useful. We all wish he had more time to teach!!

The Wedding University SDE from andrew msv on Vimeo.

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