March 30, 2010

A New Years Wedding

I got to start my 2010 with a beautiful celebration this year! I was blessed to be the planner for Michelle and Joe's wedding on 1.1.10 at one of my favorite venues--the St. Regis San Francisco. Weddings usually have great energy already, so imagine one that's held on New Years day, when everyone is feeling excited and hopeful for what the new year will bring. It was a celebration in so many ways, and in the center of it all was the love that Michelle and Joe shared for one another.

I met Michelle nearly two years ago, when she was the Maid of Honor for her sister, Emily's wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. I was honored to have been Emily's planner too, and I so enjoyed that experience. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Michelle called me shortly after to tell me she was ready to plan her wedding! There is something incredibly special about planning multiple weddings for the same family. I think in part, I felt bonded to the family already through Emily's wedding and it just made it all the more fun to be able to extend that through another celebration within the family.

Michelle is by far one of the most creative, talented, and crafty bride I've ever encountered. Throughout the year of wedding planning, she and her mom worked religiously on different craft projects, one after another, from origami flowers to printed patterns on vellum, to favor boxes that were wrapped in 8 different layers of paper! It was really impressive to see the amount of effort that was put into all the details of the wedding. I secretly vowed to myself that I would do the same for my daughter Bridgette when her time comes! :)

Here are some lovely images of Michelle and Joe's wedding from the amazing Jose Villa! I so enjoyed working with him, and despite his reputation as being one of the top photographers of the world, he is the most down the earth and easygoing person to work with. Love him!

Thank you to my fabulous team of Event Professionals:

Barry Peterson of The St. Regis San Francisco
Enhanced Lighting
Jose Villa
Waterlily Pond
Savadelis Films
Wildflower Linens
Hartmann Studios
Taylor Pham
Ron Grandia, A Different Kind of DJ

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