April 1, 2010

Coastal Beauty

Although I've worked at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay more times than I can remember, I am still in awe of its beauty every time I drive through those palm trees and am greeted by the friendly valet attendants. It is the most magical feeling when I'm there, right by the coast, and the whole world just seems a lot more beautiful!

People always ask me about the weather in Half Moon Bay. There are some months that are safer than others, but when you're literally next to the coast, fog and chilliness just goes along with the view. During some of the summer and fall months, I've had weddings there where the weather is simply perfect--sunshine with just a light breeze. I always tell people though, that even when it's foggy, misty, or chilly, it still doesn't take away from the beauty and majestic ambiance of the resort. Photographers always prefer overcasts anyway!

Lise and Dan got married in the month of May, 2009. I'll be honest... it was pretty cold that day, but it surely didn't stop any of her guests' excitement at being outside right next to the coast. I love seeing the way people's eyes lit up when they walk outside to see and hear the crashing waves just steps away! It could be pouring, or snowing, for all they care.....and they would still want to be outside. That's just how pretty it is at RCHMB!

Lise and Dan chose to have a buffet style dinner for their wedding reception. There is somewhat of a negative connotation to the word buffet when it comes to weddings, but there is NOTHING negative about a buffet at the Ritz-Carlton. For those of you that have tried their sunday brunches at Navio, you'll know exactly what I mean. Their buffet included action stations with live chefs, as well as fresh oysters, lamb chops, and an elaborate dessert station that included frozen lollipops!

Thank you to the team of Event Professionals that helped make this wedding a success:

Tony White at The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Michelle Walker Photography
Justin Fone Productions
Nob Hill Ensembles
The Laugh Box
Butterfly Cakes
Especially Yours (Chiavari Chairs)


  1. THanks for the plug, Jubilee!!! always great to see you!! Hope all is well! Big Hugs, Bev

  2. The bride's dress is so gorgeous with all the beadwork on the front!


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