March 4, 2011

The Village People For Your Wedding, Anyone?

Last year, I had the astounding pleasure of bringing the original  Village People in for my client's grand and opulent wedding at San Francisco City Hall, and boy, did they drive the crowd wild!

It was an extravagant black tie affair, but five minutes into The Village People's performance, the men had their jackets and bow ties off, and the crowd was going wild on the dance floor! The energy and vibe was absolutely amazing!

I spent countless hours with Rudolfi Artists in Music and Fortune Entertainment going over the pages and pages of rider for the Village People and working through all the logistics to abide to their riders, but it was well worth it. They rocked the party with their 1 hour performance, and it was definitely a night to be remembered.

Their finale was ofcourse, the YMCA, and they brought the bride and groom on stage to dance with them!

Photos above by Wendy Maclaurin Richardson

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