March 10, 2011

Cake Pops For Weddings

I'm all about sweets, and if I were to get married again, I'd probably spend half my wedding budget on multiple elaborate dessert stations. I love that collectively as an industry, we are placing more creativity and talent into the dessert stations at events. Perhaps we should thank Amy Atlas, who made a big name for herself from the extraordinary dessert stations that she creates for her clients! If you ever need some inspiration for your dessert stations, you must visit Amy Atlas' website and blog!

While we are on the topic of sweets, I want to introduce to you a company that specializes in the ever-so-popular cake pops! Personally, I LOVE cakepops. They are not only cute to display, but they're so easy to eat! In fact, dangerously easy, thus, the chances of overconsumption are quite high.

Trends come and go in the wedding world. 8 years ago when I first got into the business, chocolate fountains were THE thing to have to wow your guests. Then, people shifted to cupcakes and macarons. Now, it's about creating custom 'everything' to go with your overall design.....custom chocolate, custom petit fours.....naturally, there has to be custom cakepops, right?

Lauren Martin is the owner of Sweet Lauren Cakes, and she creates one of a kind, custom cakepops for special events. I had the pleasure of 'interviewing' her when she first contacted me to introduce herself and her creative company. I am delighted to be able to share this with all of my readers:

Jubilee: Tell us about you! Where are you from, and how did you decide to start a business specializing in cake pops?

Lauren: I'm originally from Atlanta (a southern girl at heart!) but moved to the bay area 3 years ago with my then boyfriend, now husband. Until moving here, I couldn't bake a thing. But as soon as I started, it came very naturally to me and I particularly love the rewarding experience of creating something essentially out of nothing and the smiles it brings to people's faces. I grew up sketching, drawing, and painting, but never found the right artistic fit until now! I started experimenting with cakepops a few times and immediately saw the possibilities for fabulous designs and saw how excited and amused people were when they saw them. The cakepops are such an avenue for creative design- the possibilities are endless!

Jubilee: Do your clients bring their designs to you, or do you collaborate with them to create the designs for your cakepops for their events?

Lauren: Both! Often brides come to us with a vision in mind and we help taylor that to work perfectly with their theme and feel of the wedding. If the bride doesn't come to us with a vision, then we collaborate with them, providing suggestions inspired by their color palettes, their invitations or other design elements that they are drawn to and then develop a design for them. 

Jubilee: What is your personal favorite flavor? Which flavors are most popular amongst your clients?

Lauren: My favorite flavor tends to change often depending on what recipes we are working on! We spend a lot of time perfecting recipes so that you will always crave more after your first bite! But right now, I would say my favorite is Lemon. I just love how much punch it has! Our most popular flavors are Red Velvet, followed by Chocolate Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, and Peanut Butter. We also do seasonal flavors, so our Brown Butter Pumpkin and Gingerbread in the fall are super delicious and popular as well!

Jubilee: What are some creative ways that you or your clients have presented the cakepops at their events?

Lauren:  particularly love the wedding stand that we had custom fabricated- it allows the bride to do something non-traditional in place of the wedding cake, but it still has the traditional feel. We can also have the stand custom made in other colors or shapes to fit the feel of each wedding. We have also displayed the cakepops as bouquets in flower vases, presented them in flower boxes or metal pails for more rustic weddings, pop down on cake platters and even large blocks of chocolate, displayed in suitcases and boxes, in gift bags, used them in place of seating cards or as a small favor at each plate. We can use all different kinds of fillers from grass to stones, to candies to paper. The display options are endless!

Jubilee: How do you price your cakepops?

Lauren: Cakepops are priced based on the extent of the design and number of color changes needed for each pop. We pay a lot of attention to detail, focusing on perfecting the color, and really achieving the client's vision

Jubilee: Are the cakepops shipped to the clients, or delivered locally? Any geographical parameters when ordering from you? 

Lauren: Cakepops can be shipped in any quantity locally or nationally. We also deliver locally but are happy to go farther if you are! 

Thanks Lauren! The photos below show just a few of the creative cakepop designs that Lauren did for her clients in the past. For more information, please visit her website or email her at

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  1. yum...I love these, am totally considering them for my wedding as well...