April 18, 2011

A Story Behind Your Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are taken prior to the wedding day, and is a great chance for couples to establish a rapport with their photographer. Engagement photo sessions are generally more fun and spontaneous than the wedding day itself, because there is no intense timeline to follow, guests to interrupt, or those nervous shingles that is so commonly felt. Photographers love to use this opportunity to get to know the couple--what makes them comfortable, the dynamics between the couple, and very importantly, what makes them laugh.

Augie Chang is an extraordinary photographer known for his fun, easy going approach. With his charismatic personality, he always manages to put his couples at ease, while having a good time. I recall quite vividly that one of our mutual clients was a couple that was quite reserved, and had camera-shy personalities. Yet, I witnessed how Augie managed to make them feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, smiling, laughing, and acting completely natural.

I love it when an engagement shoot tells a personal story of the couple. This happens as a collaborative effort between the couple and their photographer, as they strive to pick a location that is meaningful, and capture in images a story that tells who they are as a couple.

Thank you Augie, for sharing with us one of your favorite engagement shoots. Here is the backstory from Augie:

Melissa and Alex are both San Franciscans. San Francisco is their home and where they lived their adult lives together. When they were thinking about locations for their engagement sessions, they wanted it to reflect where they live, who they are and where they spend their couple time together. Melissa and Alex gravitated towards areas with colors and diversity.

The process of finalizing on a location is something that I work very closely with my couples on. Usually, couples do not know the exact spots to be photographed, or what to do during their engagement session, so that's when I come in and offer my expertise. I like to understand a little bit more about my couple's likes and dislikes before I make any suggestions. After a long discussion of their taste, I then suggest a few locations that I have in mind that fits their description. Each engagement session is unique to my couples and they are custom tailored to their needs and personalities. It's definitely an art!

The reason why I suggested the Mission District for Melissa and Alex is because they both like diversity. Mission District in San Francisco is colorful and diverse in terms of people and what it has to offer. From bars to cafes to high-end restaurants, it was the perfect area to capture who they are. We even went into Bi-Rite supermarket to capture some of the colorful fruits and vegetables! I am all about having a GREAT time AND creating unforgettable memories for them.

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