June 28, 2011

Cover Shoot for Today's Bride

Last October, I had the privilege of being a part of an A-team for the cover shoot of Today's Bride magazine. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the industry's best of the best, where artistry and creativity led the way to this very successful shoot. Here are a few of the extraordinary photographs from Jennifer Skog...

It has been quite some time since I've participated in a photoshoot, mainly because we've been so busy with our clients' fabulous events for the past several years. However, this shoot was a great reminder as to why I like creating photoshoots. It is an opportunity to collaborate with people that I admire and respect, whom I may not always have the opportunity to work with on a client's wedding. When there is a remarkable team working together, sparks ignite in a phenomenal way. The passion and love that each of us bring to the shoot is amazing. We are also able to have the luxury of time on our hands, to style everything perfectly, without the concern of being up against the clock all the time. In other words, it's a terrific outlet for us to do what we love in a more flexible environment.

When I help clients pull together a team of event professionals for their event, I always factor in everyone's personalities and working styles to ensure that we have the best possible team working for the clients. I am sure we can all relate to the importance of working with people who share the same team-playing mentality, work ethics, and professionalism. After being in this industry for 9 years now, I cannot emphasize enough how powerful it is to have a good team of vendors working together. It's the best 'insurance' the clients can invest in towards the success of their event. I love seeing the chemistry and dynamics of a good team on an event day, where the best definition of "team work" is demonstrated, and everyone works extra hard to make sure the clients are happy. There is no micromanaging needed on my part as the planner, and the harmonious spirit is evident to everyone, including the guests!

Thank you to the fabulous team of event professionals for this cover shoot, which is the current issue of Today's Bride in newstands and venues!

Venue: Julia Morgan Ballroom
Design + Styling: Gloria Wong Design
Photography: Jennifer Skog 
Makeup + Hair: Maria Chang of Professional Makeup Artistry
Flowers: Birch
Cake: Cake Coquette
Gown: Nouvelle Vogue
Accessories: Haute Bride
Cinematography: Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV
Lighting: Enhanced Lighting
Furniture Rentals: Blueprint Studio

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