July 11, 2011

Transportation For Your Wedding

Because we work with so many couples who are having destination weddings here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the transportation logistics naturally become a big part of our planning process. From the transportation for the bride and groom, to the transportation for the families and wedding guests, we partner with top transportation companies here to ensure that the process is smooth and seamless for everyone on the wedding day.

Limousines have long been the traditional choice of transportation for couples and their bridal party. I personally feel that it's not the most comfortable seating arrangement, especially when you're in dresses and tuxes. However, there will always be a sense of elegance with limousines, especially if you're having a formal, black tie wedding.

Photo by Kevin Chin Photography
Photo by Kevin Chin Photography
Many of my couples have opted to rent cable car trolleys for their bridal party and their guests. It's a perfect way to bring a San Francisco element into the wedding, and guests from out of town particularly love the experience. Ofcourse, it works best during the summer and fall months, when the temperature is warmer in the Bay Area, as half of the seating on the trolley is out in the open. Trolley rentals start at around $650 for 3 hours, and there is usually a 3 hour minimum on weekends. For our clients that are interested in renting cable car trolleys, we recommend that they do so to transport the bridal party and guests during the day time, and in the evening, to use the luxury 21 passenger or 31 passenger shuttle buses.

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel Photography | A Jubilee Lau Events Wedding

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz | A Jubilee Lau Events Wedding
One of my former couples actually rented a water duck vehicle to take them and their families around the city for some fun photos! Everyone had a fantastic time.

Photo by Sarah Peet Photography | A Jubilee Lau Events Wedding
We love working with Pure Luxury Transportation and Classic Cable Cars for our clients' transportation needs. Over the years, they have consistently proven their professionalism to us, and our clients, with their excellent track record of reliability and punctuality. Their drivers are always friendly and helpful, with a thorough knowledge of the roads in the Bay Area. Their prices are not the least expensive, but it is well worth it for your peace of mind, because the last thing you want on your wedding is a late or a lost vehicle.

Lastly, what I'd like to leave you with, is that it is a very nice gesture to provide transportation for your wedding guests but it is not absolutely mandatory. We always recommend it, especially if there is a large number of out of town guests, because it enhances the whole experience for your guests. It also makes it easier for you to control the punctuality of your guests. If you do decide to provide transportation for your guests, you should designate 1-2 pick up locations per vehicle. We always provide at least one of our staff members at each pick up location, to make sure the process is as seamless as possible for your guests. However, if you are not working with us, you should inform the front desk of any hotel pickup ahead of time. Some hotels have designated loading zones, and you also want the front desk to be well informed in case any of the guests ask about the transportation being provided. You should also notify your venue manager and caterer that guests will be arriving in shuttle buses, so that they can properly prepare for large groups of guests arriving at approximately the same time. If you stagger the vehicle arrival times by just a few minutes, it will help avoid bottle necks at the door.


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