August 9, 2011

We Love SoleMates!

When we find something we love, we just can't seem to stop talking about it! SoleMates is the best invention for ladies since Spanx, and we want every bride to know about them.

Many of our brides love the idea of an outdoor wedding, but are often concerned about ruining their heels in the grass or gravel. I'm sure their guests may share the same concern as well. After all, ladies love their stilettos at weddings! SoleMates is an ingenious invention which helps to increase the surface area of the heel, protecting them from sinking into soft surfaces or getting trapped in cracks on the ground.

This would make a really thoughtful gift for bridesmaids to help protect their heels, and if you want to go the extra mile to wow your guests, have a basket of SoleMates at your outdoor ceremony as a gift to the ladies in heels! 

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