April 8, 2013

Museum Weddings in San Francisco

If you're looking for a fun, unique venue for your San Francisco wedding, you may want to consider one of the many beautiful museums that we have here. From the classic elegance of the Asian Art Museum, to the urban sophistication of the De Young Museum, to the dynamic California Academy of Sciences, each property offer their own distinctive flair as an extraordinary event space.

We've had the good fortune of working at each of these unparalleled spaces for our events, giving us the experience and knowledge that is required to plan and execute successful events despite the strict guidelines that are mandated of us.

Museums are strict for a reason. With art work and exhibits that cost millions of dollars, they need to be extremely careful in protecting each piece. Security is always high at our museum events, and the careful precision that is required to carry out each and every detail of an event is familiar territory for us by now. Even though we consider ourselves experts at museum events, we never underestimate the level of detail that is essential for each one. Lots of hours are poured into both the design and logistical aspects, and the results are well worth it, for both our our team and our wonderful clients, as you can surely see below...

Wedding Ceremony on the Grand Staircase at Asian Art Museum

Wedding Reception inside Samsung Hall at Asian Art Museum

Dessert buffet set up on the Loggia at Asian Art Museum

Wedding reception inside Samsung Hall at Asian Art Museum

Wedding reception inside Wilsey Court at De Young Museum

Cocktail hour in Hamon Tower at De Young Museum

Wedding ceremony inside the Piazzoni Mural Room at De Young Museum

Wedding ceremony inside the Piazza at California Academy of Sciences

Cocktail hour in Aquarium at California Academy of Sciences

After dinner lounge in African Hall, at California Academy of Sciences

With each museum, there are a number of different event spaces that can be rented out, and we love helping our clients find the best configurations that is in line with the type of event experience they're looking to have. For the Asian Art Museum alone, we've planned ceremonies in their North and South Courts, the Grand Staircase, and Samsung Hall! It really differs for each client, and we enjoy the process that we take with our clients to determine the best flow for their unique event.

All photos above are from our previous events. Photo credits:

Asian Art Museum images--Angie Silvy Photography
De Young Museum images--Lisa Lefkowitz Photography


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